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At 16 I started to have breakouts, I tried all types of cleansers and products to clear my face but without success.  My face became very dry and broke out more.  I finally tried the Ageless Skin Oil, thinking that this could not possibly work as it contained a blend of oils.  How wrong I was!!  My face started to clear up and I noticed that I did not get acne scars.  So glad I finally tried MelRu’s Ageless Skin Oil.

Thanks, SAI


I started using Dr. Iles’ Salve in 1998, and continue to use it daily. The results on the texture of my face, neck and hands, where I have applied it, are remarkable. I am 61 years old and have good quality skin, but there is an inherent problem of dryness with post menopausal women. Dr. Iles’ Salve has given me the skin quality of a much younger women. My skin feels like baby skin. All through my life I have purchased only the most expensive and quality skin cream products but this salve has done more than anything I have used and at a lesser price.

Dr. Iles’ salve has also been successful in reducing or eliminating age spots on my hands and spider veins on the inside of my knees.

Sincerely,G. Price, PhD.


I have been using Melody Iles’ Salve for the past six years. I used the salve for the skin on my forearms and shoulders when raising a pair of African Grey parrots. The salve sped up the healing process and prevented infection in the numerous deep scratches caused by dirty bird feet digging in to maintain balance. The salve prevented scarring from the bird wounds.

I continue to use the salve on cuts, burns and abrasions with the same results. I also found the salve to relieve skin pain. Using the salve for cold sores has cut the duration time in HALF.

Cosmetically it softens the skin in any area, I use it on the heals of my feet and my elbows and hands. I am no longer surprised by the Iles Salve’s performance, it has proven itself over and over again.

Applying the Ageless Skin Oil on my face at bedtime after cleansing has improved the condition of my skin like no other facial product.

Sincerely, M. E. Gloden


I have been using the ageless skin oil for about a month now. I never thought that I would use an oil because I have oily/combination skin. I have used proactive for many years and stopped after discovering what chemicals do to our skin. The Ageless Skin Oil product has balanced my skin, my breakouts are hardly anything and I feel like my skin is finally being nourished with something good!! I will never be with out, and anxious to share with all!

H. Ross, South Carolina

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