Organic Skin Products - Lavender & Gotu Kola Salve, Shea Cream

About Ageless Skin

Ageless Skin Oil contains a unique blend of precious oils and herbs.  This combination is mother natures secret weapon against wrinkles, facial scaring, UV damage, pre-mature aging and other skin related problems.  Ageless Skin Oil can be used alone or as the base for any other product.  Our Ageless Skin Oil contains Rose hip seed oil and hemp oil. 

 Rose-hip seed oil promotes collagen, elasticity, assists with cell regeneration and works to provide skin with a firmer, smoother and more youthful look.

Hemp oil is rich in Cannabidiol (CBD), providing the skin with minerals, vitamins and excellent fatty acids. The essential fatty acids found in the hemp oil closely resemble the skin’s natural lipids and therefore neutralizes the effects of dehydration.

Pure oils have been treasured and revered for their abilities to soothe, heal, anoint and bless. In our modern world we have forgotten the healing power of pure oils and herbs.

Our Lavender and Gotu Kola Salves and Ageless Skin Oil reminds us that nature cannot be mimicked by chemicals and high-tech machinery, only by the precision blending of pure oils and herbs can we once again rejuvenate, balance, soothe and nourish skin in a natural, wholesome way. 

Our skin products are handmade with care, they are not mass produced nor processed through mechanical methods that destroy the very properties needed to nourish the skin. Instead our Lavender Salve, Gotu Kola Salve and Ageless Skin Oil is created in the gentle, caring manner that truly makes a product excellent.  


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