Organic Skin Products - Lavender & Gotu Kola Salve, Shea Cream


Q. Do your Gotu Kola or Lavender Salves or Skin Oil contain any harmful chemicals or products?

A. NO. There are no Preservatives; Emulsifiers; Parabens; GMO's; Petroleum; Alcohol or synthetic ingredients.

Q. Is the lavender in your products natural?

A. Yes: we do not use the damaging synthetic lavender, instead we use organic lavender (Lavendula officinalis). Synthetic lavender can damage and destroy skin cells.

Q. Are your products in plastic?

A. No. All of our skin products are in amber glass jars or a amber glass pump bottle, to protect them from exposure to light and to prevent the leaching of chemicals that are in plastics.

Q. Are your products scented?

A. No. The scent is the natural smell of the herbs used to make the product. The Lavender Salve and Ageless Skin oil can have a pleasant herbal scent with a hint of lavender. The Gotu Kola Salve has an soft earthy scent.

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