Organic Skin Products - Lavender & Gotu Kola Salve, Shea Cream

About Us

The tiny MelRu that you will find on every label of our products, stand for Melody and Ruth.

Our skin products were created over 20 years ago by Melody and encouraged by Melody’s mother, Ruth. So by combining both names, MelRu was born. 

Stephanie Iles, Melody’s daughter,  has combined her artistic talent in making the 

 Shea Body Butters, Sugar Scrubs and Body Oils .

Our goal is to give you a product that has retained all the nutrients and vitamins of natures organic herbs and oils. Our Salves and Ageless Skin oil is made with an unsurpassed care and respect for you and for nature.  

Our promise to you is that MelRu products are handmade with organic herbs and oils; free of damaging chemicals and mechanical processing.

MelRu Skin Salves were tested by: ANRESCO - analysis research consulting in San Francisco, CA on August 14, 1998 and was found to be a well emulsified and stable product.

Dr. Iles, Phd started making salves and Ageless Skin Oil for clients that suffered with  sensitive or damaged skin.  Many clients found that commercial products did not work.  Most commercial products are cheap because they use cheap  ingredients.  Instead of using pure unrefined oils and organic ingredients, commercial skin products are made with mineral oils, chemicals, synthetic scents and then are placed in plastic containers.  


Plastic containers - they  leach toxins into the product

Synthetic scents, they mask the odor of chemicals and rancid oils 

Added coconut oil  - the coconut oil helps to soothe the caustic chemicals used in skin products.

About Melody Iles, PhD, CCMH

Dr. Iles has been a Naturopathic Practitioner and Certified Clinical Master Herbalist since 1998.  She developed the original Gotu Kola salve, Lavender salve and Ageless Skin Oil in the mid-1990’s. She currently works in South Carolina designing health programs for clients that are recovering from or fighting disease.  



Stephanie graduated high school in 2012, finished her Esthetics course and is currently in school for Cosmetology.  She has added much of her creativity and craftsmanship to the MelRu products as well as the MelruSkinCare website.

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